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Everyone knows about Rimini: the most famous holiday resort in Italy. Whether you want to sleep in a tent or in a suite at the Grand Hotel, the 5-star hotel made famous by Federico Fellini, Rimini is a great destination.

Here you'll find a sea of opportunities for all ages and all tastes and needs. There is a treasure of artistic and cultural interests with unique masterpieces from Roman times to the Renaissance upto the Modern Age. As a seaside resort, Rimini has 15 kilometres of shoreline with round 250 bathing establishments and 1100 hotels with excellent facilities for children and adults, animal friendly and eco-sustainable. In addition there are theme parks for the amusement of young and grown up people, a thermal and wellness Spa Rimini Terme and much more.

Rimini is full of innovation, a testing ground always ready to turn out new trends and design; street bars, happy hours, aperitifs served on the beach, dinner on the seashore, sports of the future (the "Next Games") and beach sports. Above all there is a special atmosphere to get caught up in:
"The Rimini Enchantment". You will love it. It is the perfect place to make friends for life.

The ancient roots
Rimini is a city of Roman origin and one of the most important centres in the ancient Roman Empire. The official date of its foundation is the year 268 B.C.
In order to discover Rimini historic centre, we start from the Arch of Augustus, the oldest Roman arch survived, which was commissioned by Emperor Augustus in 27 B.C. Ten minutes' walk from there you find the beautiful central squares: Tre Martiri and Cavour, and the old fish-market, Vecchia Pescheria, with narrow streets and small venues. Just a few meters further on there are two jewels of the Renaissance Rimini. The former is the Malatesta Temple (1449), created by Leon Battista Alberti and built during Sigismondo Malatesta's dominion. The Temple is an important treasure of art with works by Giotto and Piero della Francesca. The latter renaissance building is a fortress, Sismondo Castle, another symbol of the Malatesta's power in Rimini in the Middle ages. The tour leads to Piazza Ferrari where you can't miss a visit to a beautiful archaeological site known as the Surgeon's House, with its mosaics and one of the richest surgical and pharmaceutical equipment of the ancient time now kept in the nearby City Museum. The strolling in the past ends at the Bridge of Tiberius, one of the greatest survived Roman bridges, begun by Emperor Augustus in 14 B.C. and completed by Tiberius in 21 A.D. It is extraordinary for the architectural design of the structures and for the construction techniques. An almost invisible corner of the city is Borgo San Giuliano, the ancient fishermen's borough, quiet and muffled, with murals of Fellini's most famous movies that tell the story of the Master and his film career. A tour through the charming alleys and squares of the "borgh" leads to Amarcord's Rex and to characters from La voce della luna [The Voice of the Moon], La Strada and 8 ½ or to the wall of nicknames.
Rimini as seaside holiday resort
It has an official date of birth: 1843. It was in that summer when the entrepreneurs, the Counts Baldini and doctor Claudio Tintori, opened the first bathing establishment here. But in the former century, in August 1790, the chronicles had already described the first foreign swimmer who plunged into the sea in Rimini as "Beautiful, blond, young and Irish".

More than two centuries later, the capital of the Italian seaside holiday continues to welcome tourists on its beaches. And what beaches! Piadina courses, belly dancing, children's playgrounds, sport and wellness on the eco-friendly beaches with super technological equipment and sun-beds for pets. Rimini's 15 km seashore is, since a long time, famous for launching the newest trends: there is always something exciting happening here. Above all, the beach is a place to relax and the possibilities for wellness are endless. Since 2002 Rimini has its tourist harbour which is considered by the experts one of the most beautiful and avant-garde tourist ports in the entire Mediterranean with its 622 moorings and a mirror of water of over 100,000 sq.m. Marina di Rimini is the new jewel of the Adriatic, attended by the sail lovers.

The multitudinous services of this seaside resort combine brilliant tradition and technology with that touch of something special which has made the people of the Romagna region world famous for over 160 years.

Events and opportunities
Many events take place in Rimini Riviera starting from sport games such as Riviera Beach Games, the Olympic games on the beach, which host every kind of sport in the bathing establishments spread along the 110 km of Adriatic coastline.

Besides the new expo fair Sports Days, if you are interested in learning more about the latest trends in fitness, drop in RiminiWellness, the expo dedicated to sport and wellness held in Rimini expo centre in the middle of May.

In addition a rich calendar of events is proposed all through the year starting with "La Notte Rosa", the Italian summer New Year's Eve at the beginning of July and the great international exhibitions in Sismondo Castle.  Culture, art, music, entertainment, wellness, sport, fun and joy of living are Rimini's main offers together with facilities for those eager to discover Rimini's cultural and artistic heritage (Rimini City pass - http://www.riminicitypass.it/?lang=en ).
Rimini Trade Fair and the congress centres, designed by famous architects and equipped with new and advanced technology, together with the new Palasport 105 Stadium, are a large and efficient container of events, international trade fairs and congresses during the whole year.

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Info: www.riminiturismo.it
Hotel Booking: www.riminireservation.it
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